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A perfect match…

On May 1st, the merger of our two storied Montana banks created a truly unique and locally focused financial institution that promises to expand on our over 141 years of combined history.

This combination will allow us to expand our lending capacity and add many services in Fergus County and the surrounding areas, including mobile banking, real estate loans, and debit cards. We believe that this combination will be the best of both worlds for our customers, delivering the best community banking products available along with the same great personalized customer service that our hometown banks have provided for decades.

For questions related to the merger, please call us directly at (406) 476-3462.

Agricultural Lending

Dutton State Bank has been serving the agricultural community faithfully since 1960.  We have a wide variety of farm and ranch loans available, including FSA Guaranteed loans, Operating Lines, Equipment Term Debt, Livestock, and Farm and Ranch mortgages.

Please contact one of our Loan Officers today to discuss your financing needs:

Mike Holmberg, Senior Lender  (406) 476-3462 ext. 107
Alice Copenhaver, Loan Officer (406) 476-3462 ext. 106
Dallas Rasmussen, VP & Branch Manager, White Sulphur Springs (406) 547-3265
Grahm DeMars, Loan Officer (406) 476-3462 ext. 108

Since 1960…

Dutton State Bank has been serving the banking needs of Central Montana for over 50 years.   We pride ourselves on high quality personal service, a truly rare commodity in the banking world.

Dutton State Bank opened for business on September 17, 1960 in the present facility. Originally there were only two employees. A drive-up was added in 1973 and an addition to the north of the bank was completed in 1990. The first branch opened in White Sulphur Springs, MT in 2008.

The bank was formed after two local businessmen, Ray Van Heel and Jonas Johnson, proposed that a bank in Dutton would be of great interest to the people of this area. The original stockholders were local businessmen, farmers, and residents of the area. The bank remains locally owned with over 150 stockholders, most of which still live and work in our trade area.  Directors elected the first year were: C. A. Callan, Carl Eklund, Rudy Fuhringer, Don Moore, James Cheetham, M. B. Bolland, and Clarence Phillips.