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Dutton State Bank opened for business on September 17, 1960 while the present Dutton facility was being completed.  Before the facility could be occupied, the first three shareholder meetings were held in the gymnasium of the old Dutton Community Center.   Originally, there were only two employees. A drive-up was added in 1973 and an addition to the north of the bank was completed in 1990. The first branch opened in White Sulphur Springs, MT in 2008.

The bank was formed after two local businessmen, Ray Van Heel and Jonas Johnson, proposed that a bank in Dutton would be of great interest to the people of this area. The original stockholders were local businessmen, farmers, and residents of the area. The bank remains locally owned with over 150 stockholders, most of which still live and work in our trade area.  Directors elected the first year were: C. A. Callan, Carl Eklund, Rudy Fuhringer, Don Moore, James Cheetham, M. B. Bolland, and Clarence Phillips.  Presently, Craig Ekegren serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the bank’s daily operations are managed by Ben Ruddy, President/CEO.

The bank’s first certificate of deposit:

From the Archives:  Holiday Ad, December, 1963